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What is this page all about?

Who? – The Scientific Party [Swedish name: Vetenskapliga partiet] consists of scientific people, with and open sceptic mind, not secteristic.
Where? – Our main focus is Sweden and Swedish people, but also the World in order to help us all to World Peace.
When? – We work contionously, so welcome any time in our commentfields.
What? – Ou main focus is politics & science, but also population, democracy, rescources, World Peace & ecological sustainability.
How? – Through internet & in real life, person to person.

If you understand English and would like to learn some relevant Swedish, within these areas, then do follow these links to excellent translations from English to Swedish:

Quotes about democracy.
Quotes about population.
Quotes about rescources.
Quotes about science.

Christine Vaple has made:

Martin Gustavsson, from The Scientific Party, has made:

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